Elections Quebec 2022 | PQ Pierre Vanier “suspended” for his comments on Islam

The Parti Québécois (PQ) “suspends until further notice” its candidate Pierre Vanier, who over the years has made remarks attacking the intelligence of women who wear the veil and associating Islam with the death of democracy.

The leader of the PQ, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, does not expect to keep Mr. Vanier on his team, but wants to give him the opportunity to give “his version of the facts”.

“The chances that he will be in a Parti Québécois caucus are almost nil, but I am committed to doing things well,” said the PQ leader, who had not had the opportunity to meet. with his candidate when appearing before the media on Friday.

In publications unearthed by The Journal of Quebec, Mr. Vanier said of women who wear the veil that they “miss 15 minutes of not cooked in the noggin”. “Islam is Islam everywhere. It’s the same religion, the same laws, and the same goals. Dominate and crush the infidels,” he wrote in another post.

Rousseau’s candidate has also hinted that Muslims are threatening to extinguish democratic values. “Give a hammer to a sovereigntist, he will build a country. Give a Muslim a hammer, he will kill democracy. Give a useful idiot a hammer, he will give it to a Muslim,” his Facebook profile read.

According to « PSPP », Mr. Vanier’s publications are « absolutely incompatible » with the values ​​of the party.

“For us, such comments are completely unacceptable. I dissociate myself completely. It’s not my campaign, it’s not my Parti Québécois,” said the leader of the PQ. He criticizes his team for letting Mr. Vanier’s texts pass under his radar.

« Me, obviously, I had no knowledge of it and I have a lot of difficulty understanding that we did not have this information, » he said. “I will not hide a form of anger on my side. »

Mr. Vanier is the third PQ candidate in the campaign to sow controversy for publications held on the Internet in the past. So far, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon had defended two of his candidates, Lyne Jubinville and Suzanne Gagnon, who had made remarks on Islam, immigration and visible minorities.

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