Education secretary on lowering standards to add teachers: ‘It’s unfortunate’


The secretary addressed states that have lowered standards for educators to hire more staff, calling the measures « unfortunate ».

Arizona no longer requires teachers to have a bachelor’s degree, and Florida offers temporary teaching credentials to veterans without certification.

« Our students need more now, not less…I don’t support lowering teacher qualification standards, » Cardona said.

The United States faces a national shortage of 300,000 teachers and school staff, according to the National Education Association.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, defended streamlining teacher certification processes, saying he hated « the hullabaloo » that slowed things down.

« Streamlining the regulatory, licensing and certification processes, whether it’s for teachers or manufacturers, is an opportunity for every state, » he said on « Fox News Sunday. » “We do it here. We streamline all our stuff.


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