Education: ministry exams in digital mode from 2022-2023

The first tests of on-screen exams are scheduled for the next school year, more than a year late. The language and writing tests would be targeted above all.

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The Ministry of Education has set itself the objective of having 9.9% of the ministry’s 296 exams take place digitally for the 2022-2023 school year, is it specified in the latest update of its 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, dated last March.

According to this proportion, around thirty digital proofs should therefore be tested by next spring.

However, the ministry would not confirm the exact number of exams that are affected.

“This is a target, with a margin of error of 1.75%. Before determining the precise number of digital proofs, we want to sit down with the unions in the fall.

The language and writing tests will be prioritized in view of these first « trials », which will serve as a test to improve the functionality of the platform on which the exams will take place.

In the coming months, an expanded recruitment system will be set up to allow Quebec schools to make known their interest in participating in experiments on the digital platform, we learned.


The first experiments were to begin in April 2021, but the progress of the project to modernize the tests has been “slowed down due to the health context”.

Despite everything, the ministry anticipates that it will be able to catch up, by « accelerating the pace of integration of the tests into the platform », and to ensure that all of the ministry’s exams are accessible on a platform. common to all levels of education by June 2028, in line with its initial objective.


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