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Edmonton’s 2022 construction season continues work on major projects

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It’s time for the changing seasons in Edmonton: from winter to construction.

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Construction crews will work on about 250 projects across Edmonton this summer, totaling an estimated $1.9 billion in funding, according to city officials.

Given that 2022 is the last year of the City of Edmonton’s current four-year budget cycle, there will actually be slightly less work in progress than in previous years, when there were over 270 works to 280 projects. But pylons and orange traffic signs will have to be built on more than 110 kilometers of roads and sidewalks, 11 kilometers of alleys and 10 neighborhood renovation projects.

Adam Laughlin, deputy city manager of integrated infrastructure services at the City of Edmonton, said Friday that Edmontonians will see work underway on several major projects, including the conversion of the Yellowhead Trail freeway, the expansion of Terwillegar Drive and building the LRT.

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“The construction work we are doing this year is part of the connection to our future and the city we are building to house another million people,” he said.

He added that the construction work is providing jobs for 13,000 workers and contracts for 300 local businesses in Edmonton or based in the city.

Laughlin gave details of upcoming summer construction in the middle of 103 Avenue between 100 Street and 101 Street Downtown, where a streetscape renewal project is currently underway to add sidewalk and parking improvements, as well as more benches and greenery. The project is expected to be completed this fall and access to the road will be reopened.

Other long-term works are also in progress. Now that funding is in place for the first phase of the Capital LRT southern line from Century Park Station to Ellerslie Road, early construction work continues for 2022.

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This will be the first major construction season for the Valley Line West, which will continue for five or six years. This project will extend the LRT from the city center to Lewis Farms in the west.

“Utility work and some early work on Valley Line West, there are major adjustments to traffic patterns there,” Laughlin said. “And then, more locally, what you see are local adjustments to accommodate different movements – car, bike and walk.”

The Valley Line Southeast, meanwhile, is set to open this summer after being repeatedly delayed. Edmontonians can expect the detours that were in place during construction to be removed as the work is completed.

The City of Edmonton has a traffic disruption map available on its website to help you plan your way around construction detours.

Other major projects underway this year include the Yellowhead Trail freeway conversion, which is expected to be completed in 2027, and the 50th Street road widening and grade separation, which is expected to be completed. by the end of 2026.

A major renewal project on 124th Street, between 109A Avenue and 118th Avenue, will also begin in 2022. There will be parking and driving disruptions starting May 24, and work is expected to last two construction seasons. .

The City of Edmonton has a complete list of current construction projects available online.

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