Edmonton hosts third annual Walk a Mile in a Ribbon Skirt event

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Edmonton hosted its third annual Walk a Mile in a Ribbon Skirt event on Saturday afternoon with the goal of ending stigma against Indigenous women, girls and Two-Spirit people.

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The City of Edmonton said Saturday’s event from 1-4 p.m. at the West Edmonton Mall is an opportunity for everyone to learn about the history of ribbon skirts, a symbol of strength, feminism and survival.

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The event is sponsored and organized by the Hate to Hope Campaign, the Stolen Sisters and Brothers Action Movement, the Samson Cree Nation Community and Men’s and Women’s Wellness Advisory Committees, the Samson Native Gallery and the West Edmonton Mall.

The first Ribbon Skirt event was organized by Chevi Rabbit, local activist and founder of Hate to Hope, after she and a group of friends went to a downtown restaurant following a rally at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta; other customers began to make discriminatory comments towards their dresses. Rabbit reached out to other First Nations communities and the education effort grew.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the event on social media by posting photos and videos of ribbon skirts using #YEGMyRibbonSkirt and #MyRibbonSkirt.


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