Edmonton could see stiffer fines for winter parking bans

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Drivers who do not move their vehicles during parking bans once the snow starts to fall could face stiffer fines this winter.

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Adding more by-law officers to proactively enforce parking bans and complaints about property owners not cleaning sidewalks — rather than responding based on complaints — is also part of the plan. Last winter, complaints about not removing snow and ice, which is legally required in Edmonton, jumped 80%.

“Officers will issue warnings before clearing residential streets to address low compliance rates, then follow up on ticketing and towing in tandem with snow and ice removal operators visiting a neighborhood,” the staff report reads. .

“Vehicles in violation of the parking ban would be removed and placed in the nearest available street location, allowing operators to move from curb to curb in a safe and efficient manner. The administration would inform vehicle owners of the towing program and what to do if their vehicle is removed from its original parking spot.

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Where parking bans are not in effect, enforcement officers will focus on cracking down on those who do not shovel their portions of sidewalks, focusing on areas that see a lot of foot traffic and areas with traffic issues. safety, such as around major bus routes and DATS pick-up areas, hospitals, senior centers, school areas, leisure centers and commercial and business areas.

“This additional, proactive enforcement is expected to increase compliance, improve mobility and increase pedestrian safety,” the report states.

If the committee approves it, it will proceed to council where the bylaw will need three readings to be approved.

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