EDITORIAL: Canadians in search of a leader

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According to an Abacus Data poll released on Saturday, we are back to where we started in federal politics with Parliament reconvening on September 19.

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Support for political parties is almost identical to how they fared in last year’s election on September 20, 2021.

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The national poll of 1,500 Canadian adults from August 26-30 puts support for the Conservatives at 33%, the Liberals at 32%, the NDP at 19%, the BQ at 7% (Quebec only), the Parti Populaire at 5%, Greens at 3%, others at 1%.

Every party is within a percentage point, up or down, of its support in last year’s election.

Politically, Canada is stuck.

The good news for the Liberals is that these numbers would likely result in another minority Liberal government.

The bad news for the Liberals is that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 50% disapproval rating is his second-worst performance since entering politics.

More Canadians disapprove of his government — 49% — than they approve — 36% — 15% neither approving nor disapproving.

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For the Conservatives, the good news is that the Liberals are not making progress in their bid to win a majority government in the next election, which, if the Liberal-NDP deal holds, will be in 2025.

The bad news is that if an election were held today, they would likely find themselves in the same place they are now – the Official Opposition – and their leadership race has not increased support for the party.

Most Canadians have not yet spoken about Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

He has a 27% disapproval rating, 22% approval, 51% having no opinion.

Given the hammering he’s received from the Liberals, much of the media and other leadership candidates for months, that may mean he has room to grow, depending on his performance in as Leader of the Opposition, assuming he wins the leadership race on September 10.

The NDP should be concerned that even though Leader Jagmeet Singh is still more popular than his main political opponents, his approval ratings have dropped from a peak of 46% positive, 25% negative (meaning a net approval from +21) to 34% positive. , 31% negative, (meaning a net approval rating of +3).

What he suggests is that voters. for now, are resigned to the status quo, unhappy with the Liberal government and Trudeau’s leadership, but not ready to hand over the keys to the Conservatives.


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