Economy. The Smic will increase by 2% in August


Inflation accelerated further to 5.8% over one year in June, INSEE said on Wednesday, confirming its first estimate published at the end of June, which will lead to a new automatic revaluation of the Smic by 2.01% on August 1. , at 1,329.06 euros net monthly.

The rise in prices (excluding tobacco) between March and June for the 20% of households with the lowest incomes reached 2.01%, this indicator serving as the basis for triggering automatic revaluations of the Smic, specified the National Institute statistics. This is the fourth increase in the Smic in less than a year, the last having taken place on May 1, with an increase of 2.65%.

The hourly minimum wage at 8.76 euros

For a full-time job, the monthly minimum wage thus goes “from 1,302.64 euros to 1,329.06 euros” net, said the Ministry of Labor. The hourly minimum wage changes, “from 8.58 euros to 8.76 euros”.

In addition to the annual revaluation of January 1, the Smic is indeed mechanically increased during the year by the amount of inflation for the 20% of households with the lowest incomes, if this exceeds 2% compared at the last increase.

In June, the rise in prices was driven by the further acceleration in energy prices (+33.1% year on year after +27.8% in May), food (+5.8% after +4.3%) and to a lesser extent service prices (+3.3% after +3.2%), details INSEE.


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