Earthquake triggers tsunami warning for Pacific islands — RT World News

A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck near the Solomon Islands, with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center saying dangerous waves are possible for several islands in the region, including Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

The quake struck around 2 a.m. GMT on Tuesday about 56 kilometers (35 miles) southwest of the capital, Honiara, followed by a 6.0 aftershock about 30 minutes later, according to the United States Geological Survey .

The United States Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a « dangerous tsunami waves » notice following the tremor, indicating that waters could reach up to 1 meter above tide level for the Solomons, and up to 30 centimeters along the coasts of Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

The Solomon Islands are located on an earthquake-prone region of the Australian plate. It is one of the most active seismic zones in the world due to constant convergences between the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates.

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