Duhaime wants to tackle illegal gun sales on Indigenous reservations

Sainte-Croix-de-Lotbinière – Opposed to a firearms registry, Éric Duhaime believes that the political class should prioritize attacking the weapons sold illegally on Aboriginal reserves.

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« The problem we have with the political class is that it’s always easier to attack honest hunters and honest farmers than to attack bandits or go to aboriginal reserves where there is a trade in illegal weapons. That is much more difficult to dismantle, ”he said in an interview granted late Wednesday afternoon to CHOI FM.

Speaking of the « great scourge » of illegal weapons that are at the root of several recent violent crimes in Montreal, the Conservative leader added « that we must have laws against criminals and leave hunters and farmers alone ».

Attacks on the CAQ

In the evening, during a militant rally in Sainte-Croix-de-Lotbinière, Éric Duhaime reiterated his attacks against the CAQ on the subject of immigration.

“They (the caquistes) are distorting reality. They are making a false perception, he regretted. They make Quebecers look intolerant, which we are not. You are an extraordinarily tolerant people. »

In his speech, he even made a rare allusion to his sexual orientation.

“It’s rare to find places where gender equality is so present. It’s rare where a conservative leader like me can be openly gay. It’s rare where immigrants can settle in the region and where people not only don’t judge them, but help them and bring them warm clothes and do everything to integrate them into our community. We are a welcoming and warm people”.

According to him, “we are a people who want to open our arms and our hearts to the world. Then, unfortunately, the Legault government sends an image that ‘distorts’ our reality and then the beauty of the Quebec people right now. »

Chief Duhaime once again appealed to his supporters to get the vote out, in a massive way, this Monday, October 3. « People shouldn’t stay at home. People who vote Conservative, we have the annoying habit of voting, perhaps, a little less than the others, ”he warned.

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