Duhaime made “a show of force”, according to him

On day 7 of the election campaign, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) Éric Duhaime wanted to make a “show of force” by addressing hundreds of excited activists, Saturday, in Victoriaville.

The aspiring prime minister told the crowd that his presence in front of them was neither “a coincidence” nor “an accident”. “It’s because there are people like you and me who didn’t agree with the way we were managed [durant la pandémie de COVID-19] and the way the government has put its nose in our homes,” explained Éric Duhaime, at the Complexe Évasion restaurant.

If the PCQ is the party “of discontent”, it is the CAQ that created this dissatisfaction, launched the conservative leader. In the parking lot, supporters seated in the back of a pickup truck cheered vigorously.

Mr. Duhaime has also invited the “CAQus”, “betrayed” by the party of François Legault, to join him. But he made no secret of also wanting to recruit disappointed PQ members. In the crowd, a man waved a Quebec flag.

Éric Duhaime is passing through Centre-du-Québec on Saturday. It was in this region, in Drummondville, that he unveiled his electoral platform in mid-August.

The Conservative leader repeated on Saturday the promises made during the week, namely the third link that would pass through Île d’Orléans, the exploitation of Quebec hydrocarbons, tax cuts, opening up to private health, competition between types of daycare centers and the end of the SAQ’s monopoly on the sale of alcohol.

More details will follow.

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