Duhaime and the tram: « It’s nonsense » proclaims Mayor Marchand

The mayor of Quebec believes that Éric Duhaime’s assertions on the tramway, « it’s nonsense »; he argues that it is wrong to say that support for the project is stagnating.

In an interview with LCN, Bruno Marchand wanted to correct the facts on the tramway and accuses the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec of telling falsehoods.

According to Mr. Marchand, Mr. Duhaime is not telling the truth when he asserts that there is no social acceptability.

“It’s nonsense because we left after the election of 40% of people who support the tramway and in the last poll, we were approaching 50% and currently we feel the support on the rise. There are citizen groups that are mobilizing, there are Facebook groups of 5,000 people. There are people who are for the tram, there is a wind that carries us so we have to stop telling falsehoods. That it hasn’t moved is not true. We have data and evidence through the survey. I react to any argument that is either a half-truth or a falsehood.”

This is not the first spat between Mayor Marchand and Éric Duhaime. Earlier this month, the mayor made an outing accusing the leader of the PCQ of “lying” to the population.

The two politicians are to meet this week, at the request of the PCQ.

More details to come


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