Duhaime and PSPP in the National Assembly

OPEN LETTER – Éric Duhaime invites Quebec voters to vote in such a way as to reduce the distortion of the current voting system: “I think that the Conservative voice must be heard. »[1] Trust me, he’s right. According to the latest polls, the Conservative Party (PCQ) and the Liberal Party could win the same percentage of votes on October 3. However, the former could ultimately end up without a deputy, while the latter with 20[2]. This is hard to swallow for the blues on the right.

In the last federal election, if the proportional system with compensatory formula had existed, the result would have been as follows: 117 Conservatives, 115 Liberals, 61 New Democrats, 26 Bloc Québécois, 14 Popular and 5 Greens[3]. The Liberals would have continued to lead the country with the support of the New Democrats, but the opposition would have been more diversified and we would have learned more in the House about Maxime Bernier’s MPs. But, instead, these populists continue to work in the shadows, manage to convince the most misinformed elements of society and maintain that their voice is not heard in Parliament.

This is why I prefer to see the leader of the PCQ in the National Assembly instead of the 100e member of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ). A Duhaime in Quebec will have to measure his words so as not to be taken to task by the other deputies, while the free electron will say what the populists want to hear on social networks, because he will not have to be accountable. I therefore appeal to the voters of the district of Chauveau: give his ticket to the curator so that he is checked in the blue « cage ».

If the head of the CAQ, François Legault, who outrageously leads in the polls, had been a good player, he would have left the field open to Duhaime, but also to the leader of the Parti québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, out of respect. for a party that has done so much for Quebec since its founding, in which he himself was an activist and which still has around 13% of voters behind him. I am also launching an appeal to the voters of Camille-Laurin preparing to vote for Québec solidaire (considering that their candidate has withdrawn) and for whom the PQ is their 2e choice, to ensure that PSPP gets its ticket.

[1] https://www.lapresse.ca/elections-quebecoises/2022-09-24/duhaime-appelle-les-electeurs-a-contrer-la-distorsion-electorale.php

[2] https://qc125.com/

[3] https://www.ledevoir.com/opinion/chroniques/635967/chronique-pire-que-justin-trudeau

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