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Ducharme indulgent … for the moment

It is not easy to come back from a two week break during which the opportunities to skate were scarce for many. Especially when you face a team that has the wind in its sails, as is the case right now for the Bruins.

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This is the reason why Dominique Ducharme chose to be indulgent at the end of this setback of 5 to 1. However, he made sure to note the slightly more mixed effort of some of his troops.

“Today nobody was in ideal conditions. Some spent more time away from the rink than others. So we will not put anyone in the dock. Eventually, the more players return, the more competition there will be for playing time and a role, ”warned the Canadiens coach.

Pezzetta rewarded

If Ducharme did not want to point the finger at anyone, we can imagine that Joel Armia is one of those who must give more.

At one point, the Finn, who ended the night with a 13:29:29 use time, was replaced by Michael Pezzetta on the first wave of the massive attack.

“It wasn’t his best game. We know what it can bring us, said the Joliettain. We need everyone to play to their full potential. “

If there is one who has understood this principle, it is Pezzetta. The fiery attacker spent the evening disturbing the opponent. He even made Patrice Bergeron lose patience, which is saying a lot. The icing on the cake ? He was the Canadiens’ only scorer.

“Everyone has to find a way to make an impact. That’s what he does. It is often said that a player must seize his opportunities. Every time he has one, he gives everything he has, ”praised Ducharme.

“In the second period, he started to skate and play physically. He was rewarded by scoring a goal. Other players weren’t giving as much as him, so he got more [de temps de jeu]. “

“We cracked”

That said, Ducharme didn’t totally dislike his players’ working night. He dreaded the evening that presented itself to his team.

“Holding for 60 minutes against a team that plays good hockey, we knew it would be a challenge. I liked our start to the game, but from the 10e minute, we could see that we were starting to pump the oil. “

Nevertheless, errors which led to certain goals could have been avoided.

“On the first and third goals, we had to be better. Twice we found ourselves in a situation where we could have come out with the puck. We cracked during the last 10 minutes of the first period. “