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After downplaying the importance of studies on the third link, Bernard Drainville, CAQ candidate in Lévis, underestimates the importance of one of the primordial battles of the modern era, that of the fight against gas greenhouse effect (GHG).

“Let go of me with the GHGs,” launched the former minister and former radio host on Friday, transformed into a great defender of his party’s third link project.

Mr. Drainville is exasperated, as if asking questions about GHG emissions, which obviously promotes the addition of highway links like the Quebec-Lévis tunnel, were insignificant.

Legal notices

Some will not be surprised by the actions of Mr. Drainville, who is thus once again trying to deny science.

After all, it was also this minister who had not seen fit to submit the Charter of Quebec Values ​​to the opinions of the legal experts from the Department of Justice.

For the record, the case caused a stir in 2014. Bernard Drainville explained that he had based himself on several opinions. However, he had not obtained a specific opinion on his bill, in particular to find out whether it was compatible with the charters of rights and freedoms in force.

Another thought

Returning to the campaign, alongside his leader, Mr. Drainville also said that people are increasingly fed up with the questioning of the need for a third link. He invited critics to come and line up in the morning and evening in the congestion.

Rather, it should invite people to think about the next times they will be stuck in congestion in Quebec City, and to ask themselves a very concrete question. Would it really be helpful for them to move to the third link location?

If we rely on the ministry’s traffic data, the answer will be no in the vast majority of cases. Whether Mr. Drainville likes it or not, there are a lot of questions.


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