Drainville must recognize that the three-tier school is harmful, says Ruba Ghazal

The new Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, must recognize that the Quebec three-speed school system is harmful and in fact the most unequal in the country, pleads the united deputy Ruba Ghazal.

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The member for Mercier will face the former radio host at the National Assembly. It is she who will carry the education files for Québec solidaire.

Already, she warns her vis-à-vis that he must « look reality in the face » and recognize the existence of a three-speed network: private schools as well as special public programs for the strongest from privileged backgrounds, and regular classes for others.

During his appearance on Paul Arcand’s show last week, Minister Drainville denied the existence of these three types of schools in Quebec. “I think that the specific projects in public schools are a plus”, he said, before adding that the reduction in the financing of private schools is not on the menu of his government. .

Ruba Ghazal believes that we must reduce socio-economic inequalities, not increase them.

“A young person who comes from a very disadvantaged background, if he goes to regular school, no particular projects, even less in the private sector because his parents cannot, what we are doing, c « is to reproduce inequalities because the figures tell us that the children who go to regular schools, very few of them, it is a minority who will continue in college and university », deplores the solidarity.

broken promise

By letting this three-speed system develop, we have broken the promise that Quebec made after the Parent report 60 years ago of equal opportunities for all children, she insists.

As a young immigrant, Ruba Ghazal attended public school, which played a fundamental role in her integration into Quebec society. At the time, Quebec had a reputation for offering quality public and free education. It was for this reason that his parents had chosen public school.

From now on, our education system is “the most unequal in all of Canada”, she laments. “Today, parents like mine, would they have made the same choice with the quality of our regular public schools right now? I am not sure ».

No testing

According to QS, parents should not have to pay for specific sports, arts or international studies programs offered in public institutions.

Children also shouldn’t have to pass an admission test to get in. « There’s no reason why a poor child in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve or Parc-Extension shouldn’t also overindulge in a particular program of sports, theatre, language, music, it is accessible to everyone”, pleads the MP.

Private schools must also return to the public fold, judge the solidarity. Institutions that wish to remain private should do without public money.

The fact that Bernard Drainville does not come from an education background does not shock Ruba Ghazal, who gives the runner a chance. But he has a lot on his plate, with the serious shortage of teachers and support staff and the dilapidated state of the schools. “(Jean-François) Roberge comes from the middle, he disappointed everyone”, she underlines.

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