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Doug Ford says no to the taxation of non-vaxxed

Read my lips: no vax refusal tax.

Ontario will not follow Quebec’s lead with a health tax on residents not vaccinated against COVID-19, Premier Doug Ford said on Wednesday.

“We’re not going down this route,” Ford said during a visit to a vaccination clinic at the Toronto Zoo a day after his Quebec counterpart François Legault said his province was preparing a tax on people who refuse. to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and not have a valid medical reason.

Ontario prefers a different route for its citizens, Ford said.

“We’re going to encourage them to go out and get the shot,” Ford added. “I am begging everyone who is not vaccinated, please protect yourself, protect your family, protect your coworkers.”

Ontario chief medical officer Dr Kieran Moore said he had not recommended and would not recommend such a tax to the Ford government.

“It seems, to my mind, punitive. “

Other critics of such a tax have said it could open the door to additional costs for health care, such as fees for smokers or people who drink too much.


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