‘Double occupancy’: Candidates are encouraged to intimidate, says Charles ‘the leader’

At the microphone of Richard Martineau at QUB radio, Charles Montigny, a former candidate forDouble occupationon Friday criticized the hypocrisy of the reality show’s production, which he said encourages participants to engage in « inappropriate », « toxic » and « bullying » behaviors.

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“I see a lot of hypocrisy on the part of the production ofDouble occupation« said Charles Montigny, a former candidate forOD with us.

“I am ready to put my hand in the fire that the behaviors that the production now exposes as being toxic were encouraged in the confessionals,” said the former social worker.

Charles Montigny was the laughingstock of social networks during his time at OD with us for repeating over and over again being the « leader » of the guys’ house.

“In the interview, I was deliberately encouraged to repeat that I was a leader in the houses, he revealed. In the confessionals, the researchers, the ideators and even the host of the show put things in your head, then they do it with a big smile on their face.

« They were like, ‘How do you feel about being a leader?' » Charles explained. The young man then had to take up the question and answer it in the same terms in a way, according to him, to push him into this role for which the public made fun of him.

Regarding the current situation around the three excluded due to intimidation, Charles Montigny nuance. « I’m not saying they didn’t have bad behavior, but they were in a setting where most people wouldn’t be themselves. »

« It brings up, I won’t say ‘trauma’ because the word is a bit intense, but it brings up negative thoughts, » he confessed.

The hardest part for him was getting positive feedback from production about sometimes “awkward or inappropriate” behavior.

« TO ODthe feedback you get is not for the purpose of being a good person, it’s for the purpose of putting on a good show,” Charles said.


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