done with the sexy nurse

Short skirt, plunging neckline, fitted waist… Apart from the red cross they wear, the nurse costumes found for Halloween have little to do with reality. So isn’t it time to put aside the clichés? This is the whole objective of the latest campaign of the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ): say no to the eroticization of the profession.

« The real nurse’s costume, a much more credible costume to promote the profession. » Here is a summary of the message of the video campaign launched this week by the OIIQ, which believes that the nursing profession has been sexualized for too long.

“The profession has evolved, but stereotypes persist,” said Luc Mathieu, president of the OIIQ, in a press release. “The choices offered in store or online are scary! The eroticization of the profession is socially and professionally unacceptable.”

If donning a sexy nurse costume for Halloween may seem innocuous, the Order believes on the contrary that this practice devalues ​​the profession and invites everyone to think about the clichés that it helps to perpetuate.

“Nurses practice a scientific profession and their expertise must be better known and valued. It is time for perceptions to change”, continues Luc Mathieu.

A nurse’s gown, a stethoscope, a mask… In the video, the sexy costumes are replaced by real nurse outfits before ending with a slogan: « Nurses take care of our world, take care of their image ».

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