Domestic violence: an electronic bracelet for the accused, propose the conservatives

Saint Georges | A future Conservative government would urge the federal level to impose the wearing of electronic bracelets on “accused of domestic violence awaiting trial”.

This is one of the proposals of Eric Duhaime’s party in terms of justice unveiled Tuesday morning.

In addition to those accused of domestic violence, the electronic bracelet should also be worn by “those who are released from a federal penitentiary and who represent an unacceptable level of danger for their victim”, estimates the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ).

Éric Duhaime is behind his candidate in Beauce-Sud, Jonathan Poulin, on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

“Go further” than Law 24

The PCQ claims to want to “go further” than Bill 24 adopted last spring by the National Assembly and which “authorizes the imposition of an electronic bracelet on a person convicted of a crime of domestic violence”.

However, “this law concerns barely 10% of violent men in Quebec. Unfortunately, this law excludes sexual predators and repeat offenders of violent crimes released while many murders of women are perpetrated by these categories of criminals,” the party wrote in a seven-page document.

The PCQ therefore recommends “protecting the other 90% of women, those who denounce their attackers and to protect children who are too often victims of pedophiles”.

Last week, the PCQ also pledged to set up a public register of sex offenders in the first year of a possible mandate.


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