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Do No Harm aims to keep liberal ideology out of healthcare: ‘Doctors are being pushed to discriminate’

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A new non-profit organization Do No Harm is fighting radical progressive ideology in healthcare while promoting equity, equal access and the best, most personalized treatment for every patient.

“We are a diverse group of physicians, healthcare professionals, medical students, patients and policy makers united by a moral mission: to protect health care from a radical, divisive and discriminatory ideology. of a political agenda,” the organization’s website explains.


Do No Harm fights against radical progressive ideology in the health sector while promoting equity, equal access and the best and most personalized treatment for each patient.

Do No Harm president Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, former associate dean of the curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, wrote a Wall Street Journal article explaining his nonprofit’s mission. lucrative and why he started Do No Harm.

“Health care is infected with the radical ideology that has corrupted education and public safety. But while critical race theory and crime waves have dominated the headlines, the public is largely unaware of the turn. from medicine to division and discrimination. Americans deserve to know that their health and well-being are at risk,” Goldfarb wrote.

“At the heart of this is the claim that health care is systemically racist – that most doctors are biased and provide poorer care to minorities. Health disparities exist between racial groups, but physician biases are not the cause,” Goldfarb continued. “The psychological test behind this story, the 1998 Implicit Association Test, has been widely discredited, and I know from my long experience as a medical educator and practitioner that physicians meet the needs of every patient, regardless of skin color. Additionally, attacking doctors is dangerous. It degrades minorities’ trust in health care while undermining health outcomes for all.”

Goldfarb then urged readers to consider what is happening in medical research.


“The National Library of Medicine database shows more than 2,700 recent papers on ‘racism and medicine,’ which generally claim to show physician bias leading to racial disparities in health outcomes. Yet studies those most often cited are poorly crafted, ignore critical factors such as pre-existing conditions, or draw pre-determined, sensationalized conclusions that are not supported by reported findings.These articles are in turn used to source even more sloppy research. this is a corruption of medical science in the service of political ideology,” he wrote. “Leading medical journals are complicit in the crusade against medical professionals…they publish article after article calling, explicitly or implicitly, for fundamental change in the medical profession.”

Do No Harm aims to keep liberal ideology out of healthcare: ‘Doctors are being pushed to discriminate’

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb believes medical schools are “increasingly grooming physicians for social activism at the expense of medical science,” and lowering admissions standards.

Goldfarb believes medical schools are “increasingly grooming physicians for social activism at the expense of medical science” and lowering admissions standards. The result will be “fewer talented physicians delivering high-quality care to fewer patients,” he wrote.

The New England Journal of Medicine, Health Affairs, Journal of the American Medical Association, American Medical Association and National Library of Medicine are among the publications that have injected political ideology into their work, according to Do No Harm.

“Physicians are driven to discriminate,” Goldfarb wrote. “These policies and practices have no justification. There is no credible evidence that doctors are racist or that minority patients will benefit if health care is built on a race-based foundation. Common sense says that patients of all colors will suffer. Public confidence in medical institutions, which have already plummeted during the pandemic, will plummet further and take with them the health of patients.”

Do No Harm aims to keep liberal ideology out of healthcare: ‘Doctors are being pushed to discriminate’

Goldfarb believes that “health care is close to a tipping point,” but he is convinced that most doctors oppose the liberal ideology that influences the industry.


“Many fear to speak out for fear the social justice mob will destroy their careers, but the woke takeover of health care will do it anyway. That’s why I’m starting Do No Harm, an organization nonprofit that will help medical professionals and concerned Americans protect and promote the principles at the heart of health care: equity, equal access, and the best and most personalized treatment for each patient,” wrote Goldfarb. “Present and future physicians must tell the nation that health care is deeply damaged by a radical and divisive ideology. The health and well-being of every American depends on it.”

Do No Harm seeks to make an impact online, with accounts operating on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, in addition to its website. The nonprofit will focus on rallying healthcare professionals to fight far-left ideology and improve the best healthcare system in the world.