Disturbing note found in home of man shot dead outside Canadian Tire, inquest finds

WARNING: This story contains disturbing details that may not be suitable for all readers. Discretion is advised.

A coroners’ inquest into the death of a man shot by police outside a Canadian Tire in East Vancouver following a rampage inside the store focused on his condition on Thursday spirit.

Vancouver police shot Daniel Rintoul nine times after he stabbed a response officer outside the Grandview Highway retailer in November 2016.

Minutes earlier, he had deployed bear spray inside the store, stabbed a store worker, attempted to seize firearms and held an 82-year-old man hostage, the investigation said.

The inquest heard on Thursday from Vancouver police detectives about what they found when they searched his apartment after his death, providing clues to his mental state before the violent encounter.

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Detectives testified that they went to his home looking for evidence and a possible motive for his actions.

The inquest jury saw photos suggesting Rintoul was living in disarray and had apparently received a recent eviction notice – with his belongings stuffed into a pair of hockey bags.

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Police also discovered a disturbing letter written in response to the eviction, addressed « to my murderer ».

« You murdered me as surely as if you had pulled the trigger yourself, » Rintoul’s letter states, claiming he was illegally deported, which « brought me to the brink of despair. »

He then continues to threaten extreme violence.

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« I was so furious that I decided to kill everyone in the house and bought two 5 liter petrol cans to burn the house down, » the note read.

« But then I realized there was a slim chance that someone could benefit from my story if I granted mercy…so don’t f— people don’t mind! »

Cans of gasoline and lighter fluid found at the home of Daniel Rintoul.

British Columbia Coroners Service

Evidence presented on Thursday included photos from the apartment showing two cans of petrol, three bottles of lighter fluid and a large knife neatly arranged on the bed.

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On Wednesday, the inquest heard from the Vancouver police officer who shot Rintoul, who testified he feared for his life and those around him.

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const. Gary Li described how his partner was repeatedly stabbed after a stun gun failed to subdue Rintoul.

The inquest also heard from Rintoul’s sister, Sheri Cardall, who said he started to become a ‘very angry person’ from around the age of 10 and struggled with issues mental health until his death.

Proceedings are expected to resume on Friday with testimony from on-site paramedics as well as use-of-force experts. Mental health professionals from coastal Vancouver are also expected to testify.

Coroners’ inquests are designed to determine the facts of a death and make recommendations to help prevent similar deaths in the future.

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