Disruptions at the RTC: a complicated return to school for many

The disruptions announced by the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) on Friday are causing major problems for many users, and particularly users of the paratransit service.

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“Delays, a greater number of customers on the buses and cancellations of certain routes are to be expected,” the organization said in a press release shared through its social networks.

The RTC justifies these disruptions by raising several “issues of different natures, including a problem with vehicle maintenance equipment, the shortage of manpower, the various works that disrupt the road network and the return of congestion in re-entry period”.

“The services of the Capital Paratransit Service (STAC) will also be impacted due to high demand and lack of resources,” the statement read.

A situation deplored by STAC users, for whom this service is essential for their autonomy.

“We feel taken hostage, we feel that we are not respected because we are not informed”, criticizes Marie-Michèle Thériault, a user of the service.

The latter tells TVA Nouvelles that certain requests must be refused for lack of personnel.

“We call the reservation center, and there we are told by the controllers: there is no one who has returned, so we cannot take your reservations,” says Ms. Thériault.

This reduction in service for paratransit service users worries many.

“For the moment, on the territory of the city of Quebec served by the RTC and the STAC, we have a service offer that is decreasing, but compared to what we see elsewhere, that’s what worries people too. , it is to say to oneself what is coming next, again? Are we going to lower the quality of services even further, are we going to have to book even further in advance?”, underlines Olivier Collomb D’Eyrames of the Regroupement des personnes disabilities de la Capitale-Nationale.


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