« Disobey: Chantale Daigle’s choice »: telling the story of a heroine’s fight

Summer 1989. Alone and aged 21, Chantale Daigle leads a courageous fight all the way to the Supreme Court for the right to dispose of her own body, one year after terminations of pregnancy were decriminalized in the country.

Thrown into a media whirlwind, the young woman has just tackled Jean-Guy Tremblay, a “manipulative and aggressive” man who managed to obtain an injunction preventing him from having an abortion. For three and a half weeks, she is the only Canadian unable to show up at an abortion clinic, a homegrown story that is told in the series Disobey: Chantale Daigle’s choicewhose filming ends these days in Montreal.

In the eyes of director Alexis Durand-Brault, Chantale Daigle is a « true heroine » to whom we must pay tribute. “At his age, I would have crashed,” he told Agence QMI during a recent set visit to a vintage Italian restaurant reminiscent of where Chantale Daigle worked at the time.

“Chantale Daigle is a true heroine. She did it all alone, she stood up to everyone all the way to the Supreme Court,” recalled Mr. Durand-Brault, for whom “the Court of Appeal and the Superior Court are the culprits of this story. . Why did the courts allow this to happen at the time? I find that outrageous. »

Chantale Daigle had four children

The ALSO Productions team was able to exchange with Chantale Daigle in writing. She has given her approval to the series project, but she has not read the script and wishes to continue her life away from the cameras.

“Chantale Daigle has rebuilt her life. She has four children. She lives somewhere around Chibougamau. She told us she was okay with the show, but she never wants to be back [une personnalité] public. She told us in a letter that she has done her job and that it is up to the others to continue,” revealed Mr. Durand-Brault.

Actress Éléonore Loiselle is transformed into Chantale Daigle in this story where the tension will be at its height. The 21-year-old actress has undergone a complete transformation, especially at the hair level, she who usually keeps her hair short. This is the biggest and most demanding role of his young career, especially in the context of what is happening in the United States with the revocation of Roe v. Wade.

“The fact that she still exists makes me feel like I’m walking on a tightrope, I love this woman so much. It is a respect that I want to return to him. I would like to talk to her after the shooting, I have the impression that she accompanied me and that I will be in love after the last scene, ”said Éléonore Loiselle.

The actor Antoine Pilon gives life to Jean-Guy Tremblay, a role that his grandmother would have liked him not to defend… « He’s a violent guy, a guy who had difficulty not controlling his environment and difficulty controlling himself. He didn’t have it easy either. What excites me about the project is that it happened here not so long ago and that it is still topical. It’s important to tell. »

The six episodes of the drama series intended for the Crave platform were written by Daniel Thibault and Isabelle Pelletier (watchtower, Breakups). They will also feature Émilie Bibeau, Alex Bisping, Simon Boudreault, Juliette Gosselin, Rachel Graton, Patrick Hivon and Jean-François Pichette.


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