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French-language television production aimed at young people is not limited to what is found on generalist or specialized channels. Local talent also shines on the web thanks to various sites and platforms. Here are some places to visit. Without moderation.

For toddlers

Master key

Photo courtesy, Télé-Québec

Master key

Chicks and chicks undoubtedly appreciate the offer Master key comprehensive that can be found on this microsite. There is everything to spend beautiful hours there; a slew of segments, a ton of songs and a wide selection of games. All these elements animate the complete playful universe imagined by Télé-Québec, where cheerful characters have come together to introduce the little ones to the joys of the web.

Photo courtesy, Radio-Canada

Alix and the Wonderful, Ari Cui Cui, Arthur the adventurer…the headliners of the crown society for toddlers are very numerous. Fortunately, they have all taken up residence in the same place, at this address which gives pride of place to video, but also to audio, games, activities and contests. Even better, it’s where apps that deserve their place on a tablet come together.

Alix and the Wonderful

Photo courtesy, Radio-Canada

Alix and the Wonderful

For the youngest

It contains entertaining and informative content of all kinds. In addition to access to several videos and an incursion into the universe of programs broadcast on Télé-Québec, we probe the interest of young people and their knowledge on various subjects, we amuse them with games and we offer them contests. It’s also the perfect place to meet amusing characters before they appear on TV and to chat with stars of the channel.

With Rosalie Vaillancourt, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Daniel Coutu and all the others, there is plenty of humor when you visit this page. Radio-Canada obviously always tries to educate, but we don’t skimp on the funny moments and the eccentric ideas. We find a shower of videos in addition to being able to enjoy the podcast Agent John and watch the news through the eyes of the team of Shift.

For young and old

The greatest strength of this Internet address is to offer content divided into three audiences: children from 2 to 8 years old, young people from 9 to 12 years old and adults. The Ontario channel in French has sorted through all its productions, thus facilitating their consumption. Parents are not left out, nor are teachers and students. A nice mix of genres and educational elements.

The world of Disney isn’t just for kids. On this site, it’s not so much the videos of the channel’s favorite shows or the music videos that spark interest, but rather the activities that can brighten up a rainy day. We learn how to cook Gigantosaurus cookies, how to make a Bingo finger puppet or how to make an Easter basket that would make Mickey proud.


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