Dig. The body of a 60-year-old killed by car thieves found along a road

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18 and 19 year old suspects

The Limoges prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation since Friday for « robbery with violence resulting in death ». The two suspects, aged 18 and 19 according to France Blue, arrested in Allier for another violent robbery in mid-November, had confessed in police custody to having previously stolen the victim’s vehicle and killed the latter by abandoning the body in Creuse. The two fugitives would then have continued on their way, before having an accident.

The car, registered in the name of this resident of Saint-Barbant (Haute-Vienne), was found in the Allier. The sexagenarian, a Frenchman living in Switzerland, would have met his executioners in this same village where he had another residence. Research had been carried out in the commune.


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