Did you feel anxious as the windstorm howled? It’s normal


Following a major storm like Fiona, it’s normal to feel anxious when the next strong wind hits, but it’s important to seek help if these feelings are interfering with your daily life, says a psychologist.

Post-Tropical Storm Fiona devastated properties across Prince Edward Island on September 24 and left tens of thousands of people without power for more than a week, some much longer.

With Prince Edward Island under a wind warning from Wednesday evening through Thursday morning, it would have been natural for some Islanders to feel anxious, said psychologist Jacqueline Roche.

But while some anxiety is normal under the circumstances, it’s important to know if that anxiety is starting to impact your daily life.

« Trauma and trauma have become kind of a common language that we use to describe really scary or difficult experiences, but post-traumatic stress disorder is kind of a whole different thing that’s really serious, really intense and really debilitating. « Roche said. .

If your anxiety interferes with your daily life, seek help from a mental health professional. (Mount Poll/Shutterstock)

« We really have to think carefully about when that tips the scales towards something that’s clinically significant and disabling. »

Friends and family can be a guide when the anxiety gets too much, Roche said.

People who find it difficult to carry out daily tasks should seek help from a mental health professional, she suggested.



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