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Dictionary search Toronto city dog ​​sign

Officials having the sign replaced with an updated wording

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

But what if the sign is confusing due to bad grammar?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary editors had fun with a Toronto city sign displayed in a local park.

On their Twitter account on Wednesday, the editors posted a photo of the sign with the challenge: “Reword this sign to make it sound less weird.

The sign, which cites Toronto Municipal Code No. 608, reads: “Dogs that dig holes must have owners fill them immediately.”

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City spokesman Brad Ross said the Coronation Park sign had been removed and would be put back in place.

“It’s confusing,” Ross said Friday, with a chuckle.

“I’m not sure a dog has the ability to solve problems and tell its owner what to do. That’s certainly how it reads and we recognize that,” he said. said “He could use an edit to get the sign down and I think it’s safe to say there are probably other signs that may need an edit so we’re looking at that .”

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Ross said he wasn’t sure how the rephrasing would read.

“The message is always the same, grammar aside: a dog digs a hole in the park, please fill in the hole, not the dog, afterwards.”

The municipal code in question dates from 2007, he added.