Diana Jenkins hits back at Garcelle Beauvais’ ‘uneducated’ comment

Diana Jenkins has pleaded for her charitable efforts in Garcelle Beauvais’ native Haiti after Beauvais called her « uneducated ».

“Dear Garcelle, next time you go on national television, why not update viewers on how many times I have been to Haiti. Your home country,” Jenkins, 49, began in a capture. screenshot of the notes app posted to his Instagram on Thursday.

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ newcomer, who has been honored by various philanthropic institutions including the Elton John AIDS Foundation, described sending ‘planes full of first aid and medical supplies’ to the country of origin of Beauvais.

“Why don’t you tell the viewers how many millions of dollars I gave to your country. A woman from Bosnia did this,” continued Jenkins, who was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

« You could also have mentioned all the money I have [sic] have given and all that I have done for the woman [sic] rights in Congo and other 100% black communities.

A screenshot of Diana Jenkins' notes statement
Jenkins released his lengthy statement via Instagram on Thursday.

Jenkins ended her statement by saying Beauvais is « very familiar » with her charitable work.

While her post may have had good intentions, it received mixed reviews from fans.

Garcelle Beauvais and Ziwe sitting on "WWHL"
Beauvais has yet to comment or address Jenkins’ latest Instagram post.
Charles Sykes/Bravo

« Don’t try to convince people you’re a good person by broadcasting how much MONEY you’ve given or donated! To be someone of such means, it’s a shame you’ve never heard of how TACKY it is to lead with your passbook! ANY charity that is truly given from the heart or the good of others should NEVER be broadcast!” one of the top comments read.

“And you are STILL uneducated! PERIOD DOT,” wrote another.

Diana Jenkins posing at an event
Bravo fans flooded Jenkins’ comments with mixed reviews.
Getty Images for Elton John AIDS

As previously reported, Beauvais, 55, called Jenkins « uneducated. » The comment came after she was asked her opinion on Jenkins’ feud with a Bravo fan Instagram account, in which she commented on how « it can’t feel good to be a black content creator ».

Jenkins apologized shortly after her comment went viral and the comment was lost in translation for her.

Sheree Zampino, Garcelle Beauvais, Dorit Kemsley, Sanela Diana Jenkins, Erika Jayne and Kyle Richards posing for a photo together
Jenkins faced backlash after feuding with a Bravo fan account last week.
Getty Images for Neuro Brands, L

« I assumed ‘Black Content Creator’ was a title referring to a page that would focus on sarcastic content. I copied the term because I thought that was what he meant. I didn’t realize he was referring to you as a black woman and content creator,” Jenkins explained.

« Please understand I’m not from this country @philly.diva so deeply sorry. I’m devastated that this was interpreted to mean something racially insensitive. I now understand why this was taken that way and it was never my intention. I’m so sorry. »

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