Deploring protesters’ use of profanity as a bad example

Trudeau event at the brewery canceled as apparent convoy protesters set up shop outside, July 15

Since when is it acceptable to post signs and flags with rude lettering?

As a grandparent and someone who has seen a lot of life, I abhor the occasional use of swear words taped to flags and signs at construction sites and waved around by trucks on our public roads.

This language is offensive and suggests to children and visitors to our country that we have descended to levels once attributed only to right-wing populists residing in the country to the south.

This language is also directly linked to so-called protests, now recognized as promoting violence and representing extremism and white supremacy.

These public demonstrations are unacceptable and the perpetrators should be fined for inciting hatred.

Marion BartlettSingapore, Ont.

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