Democratic Senator Mark Kelly wins re-election in Arizona

A Democratic senator has been re-elected in Arizona, US media said on Friday, putting President Joe Biden’s party just one seat away from retaining a majority in the upper house.

Former astronaut Mark Kelly beat his Republican opponent Blake Masters in this southwestern state, three television channels assured.

His victory brings the number of Democratic senators to 49. Two seats are still to be filled: in Nevada, where the count continues, and in Georgia, where a second round is scheduled for December 6.

If the two parties were to end up with 50 seats each and therefore maintain the status quo, the Democrats would retain control of the Senate thanks to the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Blake Masters, the defeated candidate in Arizona, has still not recognized his setback.

On Friday night, former President Donald Trump wrote on his social media that some election machines had failed in Arizona, and the result was “a scam and voter fraud.” “Redit the election! “, he urged.

The Republican “wave” so hoped for by his supporters has not broken and, even if the final results are not yet known, the Democrats seem to have succeeded in limiting the damage.

Several days after the ballot held on Tuesday, the control of Congress remains uncertain. The Republicans seemed well on their way to winning a majority in the House of Representatives, but they were still seven seats short.

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