Democratic opponent of George Santos calls for congressional investigation as party plots district return

Meanwhile, the Democrats are aiming to overthrow New York’s 3rd congressional district before Santos is even seated.

“Little known fact: @DanRosenthalNYC represents portions of the #Santos congressional district. Rosenthal is a proven swing neighborhood vote-collector,” said David Greenfield, a local Democrat and influential former New York City Council member, tweeted Thursday.

“He represents 135,000 people in a rare purple state legislative district for over 5 years. #RunRosenthalRun.

Assemblyman Dan Rosenthal, the youngest member of the New York state legislature at 31 and a moderate Democrat, did not respond to messages. But one supporter pointed to midterm election results showing Rosenthal edged Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, who lost the district, by about 3,000 votes.

The seat, currently held by the incumbent Democratic Representative. Tom Suozziis a vital part of a red wave in New York where Republicans won three House seats, cementing their tight control of the chamber next year.

Earlier this week, Zimmerman challenged Santos to a rematch in a special election should the member-elect decide to step down and run again.

So far, Santos has refused to step down. Instead, he downplayed his biographical falsifications, calling them mere embellishments on his resume, even as he misrepresented most of his background, including a claim that his grandparents survived the Holocaust and that he was a banker at Goldman Sachs.

The Republican House leadership declined to respond to calls for an ethics investigation.

Progressive activist group Courage for America hosted the Nassau rally with Zimmerman on Thursday. The organization was formed this year to confront the new Republican House majority.


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