Democracy and the success of the CAQ

The media warns us against the CAQ. François Legault’s party must not end up with too many votes and seats.

In other words, let’s give our support to the parties that are not in danger of taking power. For example, those who are still reluctant to take the step towards sovereignty should vote for the PQ instead. To weaken the CAQ.

Voters alerted by the virtual disappearance of Francophone support for the PLQ and who refuse to witness the transformation of the party into an exclusive refuge for Anglophones and allophones, all opponents of the laws on French and secularism, these Francophone federalists above all should vote PLQ.


Voters who compare François Legault to some kind of dictator and who vomit on his coalition, in their eyes an ideological fraud, should vote Québec solidaire. Provided they don’t read his wokism-coated program and don’t care about the nostalgia for the Trotskyist-leaning communist “era” it contains. In fact, it is real ideologues present in the high authorities of the party who let the talented and seductive GND triumph at the forefront. Naive leftists could put a cross on their ballot for QS.

Finally, there are those for whom François Legault leads THE liberticide party because he would have flouted their freedom by imposing health obligations. They are sunk in their ignorance and contempt for science. They also reject the presence of the state in institutions. They should vote for Éric Duhaime’s PCQ, who captivates them with his intelligence and cynicism.

However, the announced catastrophe would not be a massive vote in favor of the CAQ, but another significant drop in the participation rate on October 3. Because it is not the predicted success of the CAQ that threatens democracy above all, but the refusal of voters to exercise their responsibility as citizens.


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