Death of the Queen: Federal MPs recalled from their summer break, in the Commons

OTTAWA — Members of Parliament of all political stripes are expected to speak on Thursday to pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II during a special sitting of the House of Commons in Ottawa.

The Speaker of the House reminded MPs of their summer recess to commemorate the Queen and her 70-year reign following her death last week.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will deliver a speech in the House of Commons around 10 a.m. and new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre will address MPs for the first time in his new role.

New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh and Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet are also expected to speak.

The other deputies will then have their turn, and depending on the number of deputies who wish to rise, the procedures could continue on Friday morning.

The opening of the fall parliamentary session, which was to begin on September 19, the same day as the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London, has therefore been postponed by one day, to Tuesday September 20. .


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