Dave Chappelle monologue, potato hole, plus SNL opening

This is the third time Lorne Michaels has turned to Dave Chappelle to speak to Saturday Night Live viewers following an election. In 2016, almost everyone was still reeling (good or bad) from Donald Trump’s anger at Hillary Clinton that Tuesday. In 2020, the vote count has only put Joe Biden far enough ahead of Trump to trigger that presidential election earlier this Saturday. This time around, it’s midterm, and the Democrats have maintained their grip on the US Senate while whoever will have majority control of the House of Representatives remained up in the air at 11:30 p.m. Saturday. So a different mission for Chappelle this time around.

Besides, there is still so much to say. Elon Musk’s epic failed whale on Twitter. Kyrie Irving’s epic failure of a no-apology for linking to anti-Semitic media. And rumors are swirling that some of the writers or even cast members of SNL might be boycotting Chappelle because he hasn’t been able to stop antagonizing the LGBTQ+ community (and the show now has several LGBTQ+ members in their ranks). Wouldn’t someone show up? Would Dave talk about it?

In short: Yes to Kyrie (and Kanye) but no to just about everything else. And everyone in the cast appeared at least once in some form during the episode.

What is the market for SNL Cold open for last night (11/12/22)?

The show opened on the morning of FOX & Friends, with hosts Steve Doocy (Mikey Day), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Bowen Yang) wondering what happened to the “wave” election. red” that they had kept promising viewers. Cecily Strong ran as Kari Lake, the GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate who always clung to long hopes of winning her race and flipped her opinions based on each new batch of votes reported during the sketch. Trump (James Austin Johnson) phoned from his daughter Tiffany’s wedding. No worries, she’s just saying her vows. Also, JAJ remains hooked on a nonsensical rant, including his new nickname for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as DeSanctimonious. “I know. I’m surprised I know that word too,” Trump admits. The program eventually pushes Trump’s shot out of split-screen. But as they report, do you really think any of those politicians are will go?

How the SNL Guest host Dave Chappelle Do?

House band SNL left their usual theme tune to play the opening horns to Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness.” Hmmm. Could Chappelle try tenderness?

Although you can easily find parallels between Chappelle’s mockery of Kanye West’s tirades against “Jews” (two words Chappelle even says he knows he never utters in sequence) and the comedian’s own fights with the trans community. . Like when he says he grew up with Jewish kids, so “I’m not scared of your culture”. Other viewers were quick to criticize Chappelle’s own observations on Jewish culture via social media, and in a 15-minute monologue he offered plenty, as well as thoughts on Herschel Walker’s senatorial campaign ( “I don’t want to speak badly of him because he’s black, but he’s obviously stupid”), and how he understood Trump’s popularity but not his hoarding of classified documents, given that the former president is not didn’t bother to read his briefings. By the time he asked us to “stick around, we’ve got a great show”, it was already 11:54 PM EST!

So what did that leave room for, then? A second parody of TV news, this one is a fictional local news show hosted by Heidi and Andrew Dismukes, who along with the weatherman (Chloe Fineman) and sports commentator (Michael Longfellow) couldn’t help but repeating “potato hole” as a euphemism for many sexual innuendos, once they learned that their musical guest, Willie T. Hawkins (Chappelle), had titled his album, “Mr. Potato Hole.” The true definition, however, has driven all white people crazy, and sadly, “potato hole” won’t join this season’s “dress like Joker” in Season 48’s hall of infamy.

Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim joined Chappelle for a barbershop sketch, which relied on a fourth barber played by Michael Longfellow who was clearly out of place. That’s all you need to know.

After Update, Chappelle, cigarette in hand, reminded us, “Smoking isn’t cool. Smokers are!” He then announced that he couldn’t participate in the Black Heaven skit so another cast member would take his place, leaving Mikey to hem and push his way through the intentionally intended line reads. NOT to be said by a white person.The funniest part came when Kenan ribbed Mikey reminding him that he was on the very first season of Nick Cannon. Wild ‘n Out!

How relevant was musical guest Black Star?

Black Star, the hip-hop duo of yasiin bey and Talib Kweli, is also forming a trio with Chappelle for their podcast series, “The Midnight Miracle”, so they’re very relevant to the host’s interests and participation! For their first song, they did “Ainsi be-il”, taken from their second album, released this year via their podcasting platform, Luminary.

Their second song was also released from the new album, and it was “The main thing is to keep the main thing as the main thing”.

Which sketch will we share: “The house of the dragon”

Chappelle brought even more of his signature Chappelle show elements of the episode, from its stage sketch introductions to the inclusion of three of its former characters in this pre-recorded parody purporting to show scenes from HBO Season 2 Dragon House. Tyrone Biggums, Rick James and Silky Johnson all showed up. Just like Donnell Rawlings and Ice-T! Starring Chloe as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Michael as Prince Daemon Targaryen, Kenan as Lord Corlys, and JAJ as King Viserys.

Who stopped at the weekend update?

Two guests at the office this week:

Marcello Hernandez was invited again, this time as a character: Jose Suarez, a young Latino voter inspired to one day run for president. What is its platform? “All is well basically.” In addition, each mother receives a chancleta. For intimidation purposes, of course!

Sarah Sherman also caused a stir when she returned to the Update Desk to face off against Colin Jost once again, this time providing her own set and backdrop for “Sarah News.” Why? “Because yours is ugly,” she said. When she started confessing that she was excited for Pennsylvania Senator-elect John Fetterman, you could feel the temperature inside the studio rising several degrees, even though you were thousands of miles away from 30 Rock.

Which sketch filled the “10 to 1” slot?

At 12:54 a.m. EST, the ‘please don’t wreck’ boys returned with an election-themed video based on Molly Kearney’s frenzied concerns about how flippant her Tweet is. went viral and won him the election of Ohio Attorney General. JAJ plays the news anchor, while NBC’s Steve Kornacki played himself in a surprise cameo, and the boys cook up an instant makeover for Kearney to take on his new duties. But first, a speech? Word! Life comes to you pretty fast, huh.

Who was the episode’s MVP?

Looked like Bowen and Cecily took a dip after the cold open, and Molly only appeared in a pre-tape (Cecily showed up for the good nights but Bowen and Molly didn’t, FWIW ), but it’s not like the full cast really needs showing for Chappelle, given that this week featured the fewest live sketches in recent memory. Can Kornacki pull up the stats to find us at the record low? There were only four live sketches requiring most hands on deck, plus updating. Given the circumstances, the most memorable and valuable contribution came from Sarah Sherman, who showed us with “Sarah News” that she can continue to bring new ideas to the table. Or the update office.

The show is on hiatus for the next two weeks, until Thanksgiving, and not returning until December 3, 2022, with host Keke Palmer and musical guest SZA. Could be fun? Should be fun!

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