Damage, assault and disturbance: Delta police investigate large Halloween gathering


Delta police are asking for the public’s help in identifying those involved in a large gathering on Halloween night, which they say resulted in property damage and multiple assaults.

Police say « hundreds of young people » showed up Monday night at South Delta High School and nearby Dennison Park. They estimated up to 400 people there at a time, in what Insp. James Sandberg called it « organized chaos ».

The Delta Police Department said fireworks were brought in and fired directly at people, including first responders who they believe were intentionally targeted.

In a statement, police linked an online video showing fireworks on a football pitch, amidst people. They said the fireworks had damaged sprinkler heads and had been going on for more than four hours.

The Delta Fire Department extinguished fires in bushes and dumpsters in the area.

Sandberg said fireworks are prohibited in Delta unless someone purchases a permit in advance. He said two permits were purchased before Halloween, but the fireworks activity was not permitted and therefore illegal.

Additionally, police say « several » assaults took place and a youth was struck by fireworks, which left him with burns to his arm and shoulder. Two police officers were also slightly injured.

The total damage cost is unknown. Sandberg said he expects property damage reports to come in over the next few days, as he knows some fences were damaged during the night’s events.

He estimated that around seven arrests were made, but the youths were later released as resources were limited. About 15 police officers, along with city personnel including firefighters, city engineers and bylaw officers, were at the scene from about 7 p.m. until after midnight, Sandberg said.

« When you have 15 officers for 400 young people, it becomes a bit unmanageable. »

Police said youth rallies and fireworks in Ladner and North Delta also led to noise complaints, damage and assault.

A North Delta man was doused with bears by an unidentified youth, police say, and a port-a-potty was blown up with fireworks.

The fire department was also dispatched to put out a fire on the grass pitch at Mackie Park.

Police are asking anyone with video of any of these events to contact the Delta Police Department or upload video evidence to their online portal.


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