Dallas Love Field airport: Police shot a woman who had fired into the ceiling, authorities say


The incident began around 11 a.m. when a 37-year-old woman arrived at the airport and entered near the ticket counters, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said. She went into the bathroom then came out wearing a hoodie, then pulled out a gun and started shooting, apparently aiming for the ceiling, he said.

An officer on the scene shot her in the lower limb and she was taken into custody and is in hospital. No one else was hurt, Garcia said.

The incident caused chaos at the airport as people fled. Michael Loewinsohn had just arrived at the airport on a flight from Denver and was heading to baggage claim when chaos erupted.

« I saw a large number of people running from the security checkpoint and people shouting ‘shooter,' » Loewisohn told CNN in a direct message on Twitter. « The TSA employees rushed us out a side door and just started sprinting away from the building. »

Loewinsohn took video showing a number of people seated on the ground between the building and the tarmac. « We were just told there was a shooter and we’re going to have to stay outside for a bit, » Loewinsohn said.

Johnny Mojica told CNN he was waiting for a flight at Gate 12 when he saw people running.

« A group of people were running and shouting ‘run’ and those who were seated (including me) hid near the end of our seats, » he told CNN.

He said « everything is calm and safe inside the airport ». Mojica said he was now waiting to board a southwestern flight to San Antonio, Texas. He said airport officials were making announcements to help people recover lost items in the commotion. People around him were shaken but safe, he said.

The Federal Aviation Administration has implemented a ground stop at the airport. Dallas Love Field Airport is located about six miles northwest of downtown Dallas and primarily serves Southwest Airlines, its website says.

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