Cyril Hanouna insults an LFI deputy who attacked Vincent Bolloré


A lunar sequence. Thursday evening on C8, on the set of Do not touch My TV (TPMP), presenter Cyril Hanouna strongly took LFI deputy Louis Boyard to task. An exchange that has not gone unnoticed on social networks and in the political sphere.

Initially, Louis Boyard, former columnist of the show, is questioned by Cyril Hanouna on the Ocean Viking. The presenter asks him if France has done well to accept to welcome the humanitarian ship in the port of Toulon. The deputy calls for people to stop “opposing the French who are poor and immigrants”. Before adding: “Today in France, you have five people who own as much as 27 million people, and the five richest people are the same people who impoverish France and they impoverish Africa”.

It was then that he quoted Vincent Bolloré, “who deforested Cameroon”. A remark that did not please the host of C8, a channel that belongs to the Canal group and therefore to Vincent Bolloré. “Do you know that you are in the Bolloré group here? (…) What are you doing here then? “Asks him Cyril Hanouna, before pointing out to him:” Bolloré gave you money “.

« Buffoon », « moron », « tocard »

A long altercation ensued, where the presenter, supported by his columnists, accused Louis Boyard of having wanted to make a « coup de brilliance » live. « You are telling an elected official of the Republic that he has no right to say something on TV because the guy (sic) owns the channel », protests on his side the parliamentarian.

The exchange quickly takes on the air of settling scores. “Stop telling it to yourself! “says Hanouna. « Are you irresponsible or what? » Do you think freedom of the press can be played with? Already, you got Zemmour up for the presidency and now we would no longer have the right to criticize Bolloré? “answers Louis Boyard. « You moron (…), if you’re a deputy it’s thanks to us », continues the star host.

“You are hurting France. You are raising racism in France, ”retorts the rebellious. “I am the first to defend racism”, replies Cyril Hanouna confusedly. “Tocard go, go shut up (…) jester go! “, he lets go a few moments later. He then approaches the deputy and says: « I do not spit in the hand that feeds me », before being applauded by the public. Louis Boyard will eventually leave the set under boos.

The Arcom seized

The same evening, he accused the TPMP presenter on Twitter of being » as irresponsible with freedom of expression as with the extreme right”. “If even the deputies want to make a buzz now…Where are we going? Go take a chamomile my Louis and go buy yourself a suit! “, wrote a few minutes later Cyril Hanouna on the same social network.

Internet users quickly reacted to the argument between the two men, often to denounce the behavior of the presenter of C8. “Look at Hanouna’s behavior. This is the true face of your favorite animator”, “LOUIS BOYARD THANK YOU. We can say what we want the little one said what a lot of people are thinking in a whisper, ”we can for example read on Twitter.

The members of Nupes, too, criticized Cyril Hanouna’s remarks and gave their support to Louis Boyard. “Extremely shocked by the treatment inflicted on my colleague,” tweeted MP LFI Clémence Guetté. “Bravo and thank you Louis! Bolloré is amassing fortunes by devastating the African continent,” said his colleague Danièle Obono.

Mathilde Panot, the leader of the rebellious deputies, described the sequence as « extremely serious », before adding: « Nobody says ‘shut your mouth’ to a deputy from my group. Not even Cyril Hanouna and the lackeys of Bollore”. She announced to seize Arcom (ex-CSA), the audiovisual policeman, who has already pronounced sanctions against C8 and TPMP in the past.


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