Cyberattack on Durham District School Board impacts online learning

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The Durham District School Board said a cyberattack over the weekend was impacting homeschooling.

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The incident was brought to his attention on Friday and has impacted all of the council’s telephone and messaging services.

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In an update emailed to parents and posted on its website on Monday, the school board says that in addition to the cancellation of the DDSB at home on Tuesday, the cyber incident also forced the postponement of the literacy test (TPCL ) scheduled for this week.

School board says its IT services team prioritizes restoring critical systems to support school and business operations

The DDSB said schools may also not have access to emergency contact information and is asking all parents/guardians to send a hard copy of emergency contact information with their child.

The board said it has notified police of the attack and will continue to share updates on its website and social media as more information becomes available.


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