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“Culturama”: a new cultural magazine, better adapted

After ending its cultural magazines last year, Radio-Canada is renewing its offer with a new program, “Culturama”, hosted by Chantal Lamarre.

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Adapted to the pandemic, without wanting it, the new cultural magazine from ICI ARTV revisits and dissects the culture from here and elsewhere through a given theme, different each week, such as the bad guys, the buttocks, the moon, the sea, doors, blue, cowboys and kitsch. These have notably inspired many designers over time and still arouse curiosity.

Unlike traditional cultural magazines, the new concept produced by Zone3 will offer more durability, not being a meeting book based on current cultural news.

“Culturama” is an observatory of culture in the broad sense, which deals as much with popular culture as with more nested objects. The show focuses on music, cinema, visual arts and dance, but also television, comics and fashion.

“We looked for something that allowed us to dig a little deeper than just surfing anecdotal. It’s a game between the acolytes who are with me in the “culturama”, and we try to have a conversation in which we can start from “District 31″, go for a walk to Fellini and bring it back to an old man ” hit “by Mireille Mathieu,” said Chantal Lamarre.

It all comes in organized, but felt packaging, she added.

The set is for its part telegenic and effective, although simple. It does not transpire the current Covidian period, even if everyone’s tables are far from each other.

In this regard, each week three new observers, in particular Émilie Bibeau, Fanny Britt, Guillaume Corbeil, Mélanie Demers, Rébecca Deraspe, Laurent Paquin, Mathieu Quesnel, Elkahna Talbi and Catherine Trudeau will take turns to discuss together with the host.

“[Ce sont tous] elite chatterers, but what we absolutely did not want was to have a round table with conversations between insiders, said Chantal Lamarre. They have absolutely the permission to say: “that, I like that less, that, I know that less”, and to defend another point of view, to bring something else about the subject. “

The public, called the G7, is also invited to present their opinion on the object under discussion, each time they return from a break, via an organized zoom.

“Culturama” is available in 10 weekly episodes broadcast starting at 8 p.m. this Friday on ICI ARTV, and a repeat on Sunday on ICI TÉLÉ at 5 p.m.