Cultural activities: what to do this weekend

Here are some suggestions for cultural activities to do this weekend.

Metric is back

We can hardly qualify their coming to Quebec, Monday and Tuesday, as a return, because Metric has never disappeared from circulation. Given the time spent between the release of an album, Art of Doubtwhich went quite under the radar in 2018, and their recent and successful Formentera (July 2022), these concerts will nevertheless have the air of a reunion with the Ontario rock band. After nearly twenty years of career and eight albums to explore, the band of Emily Haines does not lack resources.

► Where: At the MTELUS in Montreal, on August 29, and at the Capitole Theater in Quebec, on August 30

— Cedric Belanger

Behind the scenes of a restaurant

Available in Canada on Disney+, the series The Bear is a revelation this year. We follow a renowned chef in Chicago who decides to go to work in his brother’s sandwich restaurant. The scenes in the kitchens are hyper realistic and intense, sometimes even scary. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant will recognize themselves in these sequences where we see the cooks at the end of their tether in certain moments of “rush”. Everything is brilliant in this series: the acting, the polished and nervous production and the many nods to the Windy City. A big favorite!

► Where: On the Disney+ platform. Subscription required.

— Raphael Gendron-Martin

Live at Lost River

Patrick Watson and his musician friend Rebecca Foon had a great idea: to create an immersive and unique festival in the heart of nature in the hollow of the forest of Wentworth-Nord, in the Laurentians. Until Sunday, the second edition of this intimate festival offers identical evenings (for the sake of fairness) to lovers of music and the great outdoors, accentuated by luminous games, beautiful encounters and discoveries. Esmerine, La Force and Martha Wainwright will join Patrick Watson, who will close – for the happiness of all – each magical evening.

► Where: Tickets, schedule and information:

— Sarah-Emilie Nault

Forbidden Tales

For five years now, ADA editions have had fun twisting classic stories, twisting Peter Pan, Cinderella and other imaginary characters to turn them into gloomy and macabre tales intended for thrill seekers.

This time, it’s the turn of The Princess and the Pea and Baba Yaga to become Forbidden Tales by authors Dominic Bellavance and Josée Turcotte, respectively. The result is, in both cases, deliciously twisted, abrasive and stripping. To discover… and above all, to hide from prying and sensitive eyes.

► Where: In bookstores

—Bruno Lapointe


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