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Cultural activities: what to do this weekend

Here are some suggestions for cultural activities to do this weekend.

Little mom

As its title suggests, this fantastic tale by French filmmaker Céline Sciamma (Portrait of the girl on fire) offers a tender reflection on motherhood, but also on transmission, mourning and friendship. Disarmingly simple, Little mom recounts the improbable encounter between an eight-year-old girl and a double of her mother, at the same age as hers. This dreamlike story is staged with a lot of poetry by a Céline Sciamma at the top of her art. A gem of a movie.

► Where: in theaters

—Maxime Demers

A new day

Their names are Maxime, Luca, Emmanuelle, Julie or even Zackary. They are trans. And they will soon have their gender affirmation surgery. The lens of documentary filmmaker Émilie Ricard-Harvey will follow them through this process over the eight episodes ofA new day.

It is an unprecedented look, certainly, but above all filled with benevolence, that we cast here on the reality of trans people. Their stories are touching. Their testimonials, inspiring. In short, they deserve to be listened to.

► Where: on Crave

—Bruno Lapointe

life like an island

There is a lot of sweetness and truths whispered in the hollow of our attentive ears in this novel addressing the themes of belonging to a territory, a clan, a way of life and a lineage. We become attached to Félix and Sarah who, in love and expecting their first surprise child, need to reconnect with their respective native island to better be able to welcome this new life. The finesse of the writing, the way of making beautiful the simplest sentences and the passages related to the movement of the water like a gentle metaphor of life which follows its course: all of this novel with poetic accents attached to everyday life do well.

► The island without a bridgea novel by Yannick Marcoux, Romanichels XYZ, 225 pages

— Sarah-Emilie Nault