Cuba. The Progressive Family Code is adopted

Cubans voted on Sunday in a referendum on a new Family Code, a very advanced text in terms of rights. With more than 74% participation and nearly 67% of the votes in favor, it must immediately come into force. The president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, gave his support to « a fair, necessary, updated and modern law that gives rights and guarantees to all ».

This new text thoroughly dusts off the 1975 legislation. It defines marriage as “the union of two people”, which legalizes same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption. In addition to strengthening the rights of children, the elderly and the disabled, this code introduces the possibility of legally recognizing several fathers and mothers, in addition to the biological parents, as well as non-profit surrogacy. This is the first time that the Cubans have been called upon to vote on a law, the referendum having until then been reserved for constitutional texts.


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