Cromwell Report: Major Changes Required at Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada released former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell’s report on Thursday, which recommended significant changes to the organization’s governance the day before its directors stepped down.

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The author of the investigation revealed his conclusions regarding his review of the structure of the federation, which has been in the midst of a crisis for several months due to a case of gang rape committed by eight junior players in 2018 and following which she reached an out-of-court settlement with the alleged victim. The independent report commissioned by the former board of directors recommends, among other things, that Hockey Canada members consider changes to the administrative rules. In addition, he believes that the creation and use of the reserve fund dedicated to non-insurable cases is « well founded », but that improvements must be made in terms of its management and transparency.

Having accepted these conclusions, Hockey Canada therefore recommended that its members act in this direction between now and the election of a new Board, on December 17, during a virtual assembly. On this occasion, all positions will be filled.

Earlier this week, Chairman and CEO Scott Smith left his seat. Previously, Acting Board Chair Andrea Skinner did the same. Meanwhile, many sponsors such as Tim Hortons, Scotiabank, TELUS and Bauer have terminated their association with Hockey Canada, either temporarily or permanently.

Players encouraged

The players of the Canadian women’s team have reacted favorably to the recent developments and hope that this is the beginning of a wind of positive change in the organization concerned.

“We are confident that a Board adhering to the values ​​of diversity of our country and fighting for the establishment of a safe and protected environment can be formed, declared the team whose message was transmitted in particular by the hockey player Brianne Jennifer on Twitter. We remain willing to contribute to the development of all programs of Hockey Canada, especially those of women and Paralympic sport. We want a board that will honor this commitment. We remain more united than ever to ensure that the best interests of players and fans are at the heart of Hockey Canada’s priorities.


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