Crew member shot dead on ‘Law & Order’ set in NYC: Cops

A 31-year-old parking enforcement officer was fatally shot Tuesday morning in Brooklyn while sitting in a car on a Law & Order: Organized Crime set, cops and law enforcement sources said.

The man, whose name has not been released pending family notification, was sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle on N Henry Street near Norman Avenue in Greenpoint at around 5.15am when Another man approached the car and opened fire, police said.

The victim, who was shot multiple times in the face and neck, was taken to Woodhull Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead just before 6 a.m., cops said.

A filming scene on a « Law and Order » film set where a night shift worker was shot three times.
"Law and order" movie set sign
Cops say the suspect, who is about 5ft 4in tall and wearing a black hoodie and black pants, fled the scene.
NYPD at the scene of the shooting
The security guard was on set enforcing traffic laws when he was shot, police say.

The NBC series « Law & Order: Organized Crime » was filmed there, law enforcement sources said. Filming was scheduled to begin at 6 a.m., according to a notice at the location.

The suspect is described as having a medium complexion, last seen wearing a black hoodie and black pants, cops said.

No arrests were made.

Cops could not immediately confirm what was being filmed at the scene, or whether the guard was targeted.

A colleague told the Post he had no idea what prompted the fatal shooting.

« I don’t even know who would do that or why, » said the worker, who was taken away by cops before a reporter could ask for his name. “I didn’t hear any arguing or anything. It was quiet. Early in the morning. It was just a pop and the dude ran to Nassau [Avenue]. I only heard one shot but I don’t know how many shots.

The worker said he and the victim were part of a crew that holds a parking lot for « Law & Order. »

“Trucks come, we park in our trucks and wait for the stars to come out,” he said. « Trucks have material for TV shows and movie stages. »

People at the scene of the shooting
The male guard was carrying out parking checks from the driver’s seat of a vehicle on N Henry Street near Norman Avenue in Greenpoint at around 5.15am.

« We’ve been doing this for five or six years, » he added. “We install the flyers, the cones and park the trucks. We come 24 hours in advance to start cleaning the parking lot.

He said he had known the victim for 7 years and described him as « like a brother to me ». He has a wife, two daughters and a son.

« He was a great guy, » said the colleague. « Always laugh or make someone laugh, you know? »

« It was crazy. »

Neighbor Ian Oberholtzer, 35, who has lived in the neighborhood for 11 years, said he doubts the shooting was motivated by a parking space.

« I can’t imagine it was parking related, » Oberholtzer said. « There are plenty of parking spaces at 5am »

The block is a popular setting for filming Law & Order because it’s close to production studios, according to Oberholtzer.

« They shoot a lot here, » he said. « The parking routine is pretty normal. »

Oberholtzer said part of Greenpoint was normally quiet and safe.

« It seems quite detached from everyday life here, » he said. “It’s not the kind of thing you would expect on the block.

“I never feel threatened or in danger. I’m worried but also quite confused.


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