Crèches: the executive throws the diplomas out with the bathwater

The decree was published on August 4 in Official newspaper. From the 31st of this month, crèches will be able to recruit staff without the qualifications that were previously required. Article 2 specifies in particular that “derogations from the conditions of diploma or experience set may be granted in favor of other persons, in consideration of their training, their past professional experience, in particular with children, their motivation to participate in the development of the child in within a team of early childhood professionals and their ability to adapt to a new environment. ent professional”. On the other hand, “on an exceptional basis, in a local context of shortage of professionals”, it will also be possible to practice without training and without diplomas in these fields, continues the decree.

Thus, according to article 3, to exercise it will be necessary “one hundred and twenty hours of professional practice” and, “after the 120 e effective hour in the establishment, the professional can work without the presence of the professionals who have accompanied him in his integration process”. The measure aims to deal with the shortage of staff in the establishments. According to a survey by the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf), published in early July, 48.6% of the 8,000 responding establishments declared a lack of staff for children. “8,908 positions with children were declared permanently vacant or not replaced on the date of 1 er February 2022, i.e. between 6.5% and 8.6% of the total number of professionals working with children”specifies the Cnaf.

an organized “flea market”

Industry professionals say they are very worried. “Unfortunately, we see it too often, exceptional measures then become permanent measures”, deplores the National Union of Early Childhood Professionals (SNPPE), which insists on the fact that, “in a context of shortage, it is still the professionals who will have to face new tasks to train these people hired”. Above all, the union condemns the “flea market” training organized by the government. Measures, he says, which “again and always illustrate the total lack of recognition of our professions and the training that must be validated to work in a crèche”.

Cyrille Godfroy, co-secretary general of the SNPPE, points out that to work in a crèche it is necessary to have completed at least one year of study in early childhood and that the State diploma in early childhood education is recognized as equivalent to a bac + 3. According to him, the decree devalues ​​his career and his achievements, as if “Anyone could take my place after 120 hours of training”. Not to mention the risks of putting untrained people in nurseries… To solve the problem, the equation is simple: put the means into training for early childhood, open up more places, increase salaries.


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