Court of Prince Edward Island seeks more justices of the peace

PEI Courts are looking for lawyers interested in working as justices of the peace.

Justices of the peace would consider applications for search warrants and protection orders under the Victims of Domestic Violence Act and hold bail hearings.

Unlike other justices of the peace, new positions will be hired and work for the courts, not the province. This will help address conflict of interest concerns, said Jeff Lantz, Chief Judge of the PEI Provincial Court.

« They will be lawyers. They weren’t lawyers in the past. And it can be a bit difficult to find lawyers who aren’t tied to firms that do this kind of work, which could also be a conflict. So we’re kind of holding our breath, hoping we’ll get enough applicants to have a good interview process. »

Interested persons can find the application on the Provincial Court website. The deadline to apply is August 8.


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