Council of Ministers: double occupancy

“Politics forms funny couples”, goes the saying.

Last example to date: Christine Fréchette, who slammed the door of the PQ in order to protest against the charter of values ​​which she found unacceptable, will sit on the Council of Ministers of the CAQ alongside… Bernard Drainville, the father of said charter.

I guess that’s what François Legault means when he says the time has come to turn the page on the old quibbles…


I wrote the day before yesterday that on the issue of cannabis legalizationthe government of François Legault advanced the foot on the brake.

Yes to selling marijuana, but not under 21.

Yes to jarred gummies, but with cauliflower and beet flavor, not chocolate.

Well, it’s the same with party identity politics.

The father of the charter of values ​​is named Minister of Education, but the message is tempered by placing his former enemy at Immigration.

A dark blue nationalist (Jean-François Roberge) was named responsible for the language file, but a government heavyweight (Eric Girard) was asked to handle relations with English-speaking Quebecers.

We pass a law on secularism, but we include a grandfather clause, in order to protect certain people from the law that we have just passed.

One foot on the accelerator, one foot on the brake.

One step forward, one step back.

It is the chachacha of the CAQ.

A little hot water, a little cold water.

Result: a large glass of lukewarm water, as Jean-François Lisée recently wrote in The duty.

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Do you remember the guidance counselors at school?

When we didn’t really know what to do later, we went to see a counselor to “orient” us through the maze of the education system.

He made us pass a battery of tests, at the end of which he said to us: “You should study to become a mechanic. »

Or pharmacist. Or criminologist.

At my high school, a guidance counselor sent everyone to the army.

Do you like to drive? Go to the army, they need jeep drivers!

Do you like to paint? Go to the army, they need painters for their barracks!

You like cooking ? Go to the army, they need leaders to feed the troops!

Well, François Legault reminds me of this orienteer.

ADQ, PQ, rightist, leftist, sovereigntist, federalist: come to the CAQ, you will find what suits you!

At the CAQ, we are neither for nor against, quite the contrary!

You will find everything at the CAQ, even an enemy!

After that, gossips say that the CAQ is against diversity!

But the CAQ is diversity itself!

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Noovo is looking for a new reality show?

Look no further, it is already found: Council of Ministers!

It will persist en masse, but there will be no squabbling, I promise, swear.

The PM warned his troops the other day.


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