Council of Ministers: disappointed, Youri Chassin comes out of silence

Disappointed to have once again been left on the sidelines by François Legault during the composition of the Council of Ministers, the CAQ MP Youri Chassin comes out of the silence he had imposed on himself since last Thursday.

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The member for Saint-Jérôme is one of those whose absence was noticed during the swearing-in ceremony of the 30 members of the cabinet.

In a message posted on social networks on Wednesday morning, the right-wing economist explains that a “step back” was “necessary for him to put things in perspective”.

“I will not hide my disappointment at not having been called up,” admits Mr. Chassin.

After four years as parliamentary assistant to Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon, a mandate that allowed him « to contribute in a tangible way to regulatory relief », the member for Saint-Jérôme was probably expecting to have a place at the Saint Saints.

Legault comments

Asked about this on the sidelines of the first real weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, which takes place every Wednesday, Prime Minister François Legault also underlined the work done by Mr. Chassin in the file of regulatory relief.

“Youri has all the qualities to be a minister, but at some point you have to make heartbreaking choices,” explained Mr. Legault, without specifying what responsibility he intends to entrust to him this time.

« We will discuss with him what are the files on which he could contribute, » said the Prime Minister, who has not spoken personally with Mr. Chassin since the election. « My chief of staff spoke to him, » said the chief caquiste, who understands the disappointment of those left out of his caucus.

“There are a number of deputies who are right to be disappointed because they had the qualities to be a minister, but hey, I could have done two, councils of ministers, at some point you had to choose a certain number. »

He lives at the CAQ

While rumors suggested that the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, could court Mr. Chassin to recruit him as he had done with Claire Samson, the main interested party obviously intends to remain faithful to François Legault.

“The CAQ has received a strong mandate to continue to move Quebec forward. I am proud to be part of this team and, like all CAQ deputies, I wish to contribute to it to the best of my abilities,” Mr. Chassin wrote.

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