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Coronavirus: Most Canadians Think COVID-19 is Inevitable

A new poll suggests the majority of Canadians believe they will eventually contract COVID-19.

The Angus Reid Institute survey, released Thursday, found that 55% of Canadians expect to eventually contract COVID-19, regardless of the precautions they take. The percentage rises to 63 percent among parents of children in primary school.

Regionally, 64% of Manitobans believe they will eventually catch COVID-19, while only 37% of Saskatchewanians believe they will catch the virus.

Some health officials agree that there is a chance that most Canadians will catch COVID-19 at some point.

In March 2020, then Health Minister Patty Hajdu said more than 70% of Canadians could be infected with the virus. More recently, Newfoundland and Labrador Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janice Fitzgerald said she also believes it is inevitable that most people in her province will contract COVID-19 from a given moment.

“I know we all think we’re done with COVID, but COVID isn’t quite done with us,” she said at a provincial briefing in early January. “Living with COVID means celebrating the good days and mobilizing all of our courage and strength to persevere in the bad days.

According to’s COVID-19 daily, more than 2.6 million Canadians have already contracted COVID-19, including nearly 33,000 new cases as of Wednesday.

Given the sense of inevitability surrounding COVID-19 infections in Canada, a relatively high number of Canadians believe all restrictions related to COVID-19 should end and those at risk can manage themselves.

In total, 39 percent of Canadians think Canadians should end the restrictions, while 62 percent of Conservative voters and 89 percent of unvaccinated people think it’s time to remove the restrictions.

Florida and Texas are two of the notable regions that have already taken this approach to dealing with the pandemic. More than 10 million people have contracted COVID-19 in the two states combined, as well as nearly 140,000 deaths, according to Google tracking data.


The poll also found that few Canadians believe the pandemic will be over by 2022.

Nationally, just 23% of Canadians believe the pandemic will end in 2022, while those in Saskatchewan are the most optimistic at 28%. In contrast, those in New Brunswick are the least optimistic that Canada is nearing the end of the pandemic, at just 14%.

When comparing responses to the immunization status of respondents, 32% of unvaccinated people believe the pandemic will end in 2022, while 20% of those with the booster believe the pandemic is almost over.